Faith: the Jewel that Jingles the Loudest;

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What is the meaning behind my jingle?

This isn’t a fashion post…I can promise you that!                                                                                 I write this to encourage you too have things to help center you in your tough moments…things that help anchor your soul to truth when the waves are crashing in.
While I don’t wear all of this jewelry daily there are a few of my favorite pieces pictured and explained here.

Many people know me by the jingling sound that precedes me from the jewelry I wear.   It’s a long standing joke among my girl friends from college. People close to me know that everything I wear has a meaning.                                                                                                             The meaning of each piece is from someone at a particular time, place or event; or because it is a reminder to me of a promise and understanding that God gave to me.

My CONSIDER IT PURE JOY bracelet is one of my favorite, most precious gifts from my friend Jasmine, that walked close by my side during the challenging parts of my cancer. “Consider it Pure Joy” was the very first of many scriptures laid on my heart as I cried out to God in the first days of my diagnosis. This is why I named my blog maddyconsidersitpurejoy! Uncertain and agonizing confusion was washed away by the clear direction I was given to “CONSIDER IT PURE JOY, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance. Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.” (James 1:2-4) I am still in process of obtaining that “complete, not lacking anything” part!!! 😉 God was clear that ‘WHEN'(not IF) we have trials in this world (1 Peter 4:12) we are to put on a “garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.” (Isaiah 61:3) God doesn’t do these things to us. We live in a broken world. We aren’t praising him FOR the trial, but rather THROUGH it.

I wear a PUZZLE PIECE around my neck. The symbol of a puzzle piece has meant something to me since my teenage years. My wedding was themed with puzzle pieces and today I wear a puzzle piece charm almost daily. Each person I love being a unique puzzle piece in my life where no other piece could possible fit! You can not make or force a piece to fit that simply doesn’t. Therefore, the puzzle pieces of my life are irreplaceable. My husband and kids being my greatest pieces. And God’s love encompassing and holding the entire puzzle together. Stay tuned as I hope to make this a visual into a tattoo (if my husband & middle child will allow it 😉 and those desiring a small puzzle piece tattoo will be invited to come along with me!!)

There is a FEATHER on my wrist, because through my journey with cancer, God has given me so many PEOPLE that have tended to me and my family. People that have provided REFUGE in all manner of creative ways. God allowed me to live his promise in Psalm 91:4 that “He will cover you with his feathers, and under his wings you will find refuge; his faithfulness will be your shield and protection.” His FEATHERS are the PEOPLE that he prompted to walk this road with us.

I wear this SINGLE ANGEL WING as a symbol that we are all one winged angels. But if you put our wings together then we fly. I was introduced to this line by a good friend, Karen who taught me what it meant. She helped teach me that it was okay to receive. And while I don’t believe we are ‘angels’ I do very much believe in the symbolism of human kindness and community. Through Karen, I have recently met the founder and creator of this angel wing necklace (*Lauire with Studio Penny Lane). The heart and spirit of her and her art have become a huge puzzle piece of my story that someday I will share more about.

And of course, my wedding ring. This needs no explanation. My husband; the absolute love of my life after God himself. No other could come close to being my number one.

My Edith ring: she wears the matching ring.

Currently, my friend Julia is making me a necklace that says “Warr;ior” with a semi-colon…Once when my friend, Marlena prayed over me, she prayed a SEMICOLON into my life! WOW!…and I have loved that ever since she prayed it. I have heard a few messages that describe what a “;” means. It means there is something left to be said; to be done; not complete yet. As compared to a “.” period, which indicates ‘the end’.
One thing I definitely know is that there is something left to be said and done. SO I am grateful for Marlena for praying that into my life and into hers.

One of my mantras is that “CANCER DOESN’T GET TO TAKE IT ONLY GETS TO GIVE”…and it has!!! Through God and his promise to turn ALL things to good (for his purpose) for those that love him…Cancer has been turned to “good” and given so much to me and to others. …Perspective, gratitude, deeper rooted understanding of what ‘eternal’ is…and FAITH–just to name a few! We won’t give cancer credit for anything it tried to take. We will thwart its plans and claim it to be something that “God has turned to good”.
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

I would also like to share with you the visual I was given that I hope will help you in whatever your struggle is. I was given a visual of being CLOTHED IN SCRIPTURE-literally like armor- so that no negative thought could penetrate where it didn’t belong. Since my diagnosis I talked about this many times. And carried this visual throughout my battle…my WAR…into every test, scan, lab, surgery, radiation, and chemo. And now…I just carry this visual everyday and in all circumstances. I hope you too will be able to see truth written like armor on you.

Cancer gave me the opportunity to EXERCISE my faith…Until it was STRONG & FIERCE. The gift of faith is my most treasured piece of jewelry. I HOPE THAT THE FAITH, GIFTED TO ME, WOULD BE WHAT YOU SEE FIRST, WHAT ADORNS ME MOST AND WHAT JINGLES LOUDER THAN ANY SILVER OR GOLD!!!

I wear jewelry for many reasons. But  I will never forget when I was bald -striped of even eyebrows and eyelashes-how God showed me I needed nothing to be beautiful. I didn’t need to lose weight, wear make up and surely did not need jewelry around my arms and neck. He made our bodies SO beautiful just as they are. So I do not wear jewelry for beauty. That was something I was (thankfully) released from…yet another realization God GAVE me through my cancer. #CancerDoesntGetToTakeItOnlyGetsToGive

I also wear jewelry that may remind me to pray for a specific someone each day. There are two that have beads (blue from my close & longest friend, Katrina; and the silver from my big sissy, Mia). I use each bead to pray over details of a person’s life.

I think that’s all I will share for now–as we all know how long winded I am!

But Please, if ever you want to know the story behind all of my other jiggling pieces…just ask. I love to share the stories of the people, places, memories and how I might even be wearing that piece as a reminder to pray for YOU!

Faith…the jewel that jingles the loudest;
Jingle on,


One thought on “Faith: the Jewel that Jingles the Loudest;

  1. Love this Maddy. I also have some special jewelry, most of it is to remind me of our little boy in heaven. It really does help during the tough times! I hope you are doing well! Xoxo

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